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Would you like to have your own personal tailor?

Australia’s most iconic luxury tailored menswear brand, Anthony Squires, is looking to develop ongoing relationships with a select group of charismatic leaders.

As an Ambassador you will enjoy personal access to our best tailors and have a wardrobe curated to your tastes, image, shape and age.

Luxury is an experience and through your own personal and professional journey as an Anthony Squires Ambassador, our aim is to ensure your everyday and event wardrobe is always luxury, tasteful and in keeping with your profile and aspirations. Through this journey you will come to appreciate the benefits of dressing in luxury Made-To-Measure clothing to compliment your career and everyday life.


We are looking for Leaders across a spread of ages and stages of career, who are either accomplished in their field or becoming recognised for their talents. Men who have earned their position and live a life of quality.

Rest assured we are not looking to change who you are or how you present. We want to enhance what you’re already doing and add a luxury dimension to your experience of it.

You will be involved in the creation of every piece and learn about luxury clothing along the way – this is all about you feeling amazing when wearing our clothing.

This is your opportunity to work with an iconic luxury brand and further enhance your professional profile and network. It is our hope that this partnership creates many advantages for both parties and will lead you to further opportunities with complimentary brands and lifestyle experiences.


Whether you are happy for us to design an outfit or you want to be intimately involved in the creation of it; dressing for your events, performances or presentations can take on a whole new level of satisfaction as we work with you to prepare an outfit for each occasion.

Although we will simplify the process to suit your availability and level of interest, we believe that being involved in the creation of a garment will elevate your experience of wearing it and give you the confidence that comes from knowing you look your very best. For high-profile events Anthony Squires can provide pre-event dressing occasions that include a tailor on hand to help you prepare, plus catering and transport to ensure you arrive ready to shine.

These occasions may also provide opportunity to meet our other Ambassadors.


Your situation is unique, and we are happy to negotiate the terms of the relationship to the satisfaction of both parties. This will never be a contract – more a mutually respectful association that will continue for as long as it works for the people involved.

Contact our GM Marketing to learn more.

Megan Kingdom
[email protected]


Anthony Squires has been an Australian luxury men’s fashion icon since 1948.

In addition to our iconic suiting ranges, we are applying our tailoring skills to a burgeoning collection of luxurious garments designed for contemporary career wear, lifestyle and dressing for events.