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Notification of order on TCS POS
The items to be shipped will appear under Reports > Sales Order to Ship

Checking the Garments & QC
Locate the garment / product in store.
CHECK the garments thoroughly to ensure you have the correct product and size as requested on the order.
Inspect the garment to ensure there is no damage or faults. If the garment is not in perfect condition, notify Customer Service ASAP.

Packing the Order
Fold the garments nicely and place on top of two pieces of tissue paper.

Fold the tissue to overlap and fasten with an Anthony Squires sticker. Ensure the orientation of the sticker is straight.

Neatly write your name tastefully on the Thank You card, and place inside the Online Order envelope.

Bundle the envelope with the wrapped garments and place in a post bag. Double check the order on TCS POS to confirm if it should be Regular or Express post and select the pre-paid satchel accordingly.

Write the customer’s shipping address on the front of the post bag, and sign to confirm there are no dangerous goods.
Write the store address on the reverse of the bag.

Retain the (pink or yellow) sticker on the outside of the post bag with the tracking number.
Seal the bag and take it to the nearest post box or post office.

Closing the order on TCS POS
Click on the road map icon to ship the order.

Fill the tracking number which is mandatory and then press fulfill from the bottom.
Please do note that you will not be able to press Fulfill until you enter the tracking number.

You will get a confirmation stating the order was fully paid and the transaction has been recorded.