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Welcome back!

These past few months since the emergence of COVID-19 have seen many lessons learned and adaptations made. People now relate to each other differently and have a heightened sensitivity about personal space and the basics of infection control.

This means you will need to change the way you operate your store.

It’s great to be moving towards normal life again, but we must all now learn how to operate under changed circumstances.

The following guidelines, checklists and requirements are to help you manage this transition. Every member of your team is expected to read and understand these materials and put the steps into daily practice from now until further notice.

COVID-19 is a serious issue – both in its transmissibility and in the prominence it holds in people’s minds. We must take steps to protect ourselves and others and be seen to be taking these steps. We must show people that they can trust we are taking this seriously.

This way of living and working is not going to pass quickly, so you will need to adapt and make this part of your every day.

If you have any questions about the following information, please phone your State Manager who can help.

Victorian State Manager

Mario Vozzo

E: [email protected]
P: 0423 559 689

NSW/ACT/QLD State Manager

Joe George

E: [email protected]
P: 0493 616 660

WA State Manager

Sonny Burgess

E: [email protected]
P: 0499 202 041

SA State Manager

Tim Coleman

E: [email protected]
P: 0405 525 553

Store Visits: A change in thinking

The world has changed since you were last in your store and customers will have a different expectation of what is considered normal.

Our David Jones stores are advised to follow David Jones protocols, but each flagship store will display a sign making it clear to customers how the store visit should be conducted. You can review this sign here.

From now until further notice, treat every customer visit as a guided tour rather than a self-directed browse. This means that you are to stay with the customer at all times (at a safe 1.5m distance) and guide them through the store to minimise any handling.

Ask them questions and make suggestions, then select the most suitable pieces for them to inspect and try on.

Don’t hand things to people. Instead, lay the chosen items on a surface for the customer to then try the garment on. This will help you maintain 1.5m personal distance at all times.

Each flagship store will be supplied with hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes, antibacterial spray cleaner and disposable examination gloves for use in your every day trade.

Checklist: Prior to opening each day

1. Place sign on front window.
2. Place hand sanitiser on counter for customer use.
3. Ensure you have ample supply of gloves and antibacterial wipes/spray. Please contact your State Manager if you are running low (have at least a week’s supply at all times as you can’t operate without it).

Checklist: For customer service

As per the instructions on your sign, customers are expected to wait at the entrance to the store until invited in. Please ask customers to respect this rule. This means you will need to be aware of the entrance of your store at all times so that people are not left waiting outside.

Greet the customer and explain that we have some new rules to help make the visit as safe as possible. You should then ask them the following questions:

1. Are you experiencing any flu like symptoms?
2. Have you been in contact with anyone identified as COVID-19 positive in the past 14 days?
3. Have you returned from overseas in the past 14 days?

If they answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions you should ask them to return after 14 days. If they answer ‘no’, you can proceed:
• Ask them to use the anti-bacterial gel before beginning the store visit.
• Ask for their name and phone number. Enter this here. Explain this is for contact tracing and we will send them an alert if an infection is ever identified from this location. Use hand sanitiser yourself and don a fresh pair of examination gloves.

Customer number limits
Be aware that we are imposing customer number limits on each flagship store from now until further notice. This makes it easy for everyone to keep a safe distance.

• Collins St – no more than 2 customers at any one time.
• Manuka – no more than 3 customers at any one time.
• Elizabeth St – no more than 3 customers at any one time.
• David Jones stores – please follow the David Jones guidelines here.

We would prefer if no small children came into the store. This is a potentially sensitive issue however and one best judged by you in each case. Ask anyone with small children to keep them under control. If they are disturbing other customers or touching surfaces, you may need to invite the customer to return another time.

If you need to get close to perform measurements for alterations or Made To Measure, both you and the customer are to be wearing gloves and face masks. These items are single use, so ask the customer to dispose of them in your bin after use.

Getting closer than 1.5m is by mutual consent only so have this discussion first.

Taking payment
We are accepting card transactions only from now until further notice – no cash.

Suggest the customer use contactless payment and to only insert/swipe if necessary. You will need to wipe down the EFTPOS with antibacterial wipes if handled.

Checklist: After every customer

The store is to be effectively CLOSED for a few minutes after every customer so that you have time to do the following:

• Use anti bacterial spray and wipe down any surfaces touched during the visit. All handles, tape measures, and table tops.
• Wipe down the EFTPOS terminal if this was used.
• Regularly wipe down your store phone.

Checklist: In the case of infection

Follow these steps if you or the store comes in contact with a COVID-19 case or you become ill.

First steps:
1. Close the store immediately.
2. Contact your State Manager.
3. Isolate yourself – go home and avoid other people.
4. Contact a doctor and follow their instructions.

Upon confirmation of a positive case:
• The store will then be closed for 14 days and thoroughly cleaned before re-entry.
• Head office will notify customers of the infection.

Stay safe

COVID-19 is a situation that can be managed with careful behaviours. As things develop over the coming months, you may think of improvements to the above. Please share these ideas with your State Manager so they can be assessed and implemented.

Enjoy your return to work and keep an eye on Deputy for any updates.