Anthony Squires has been an Australian luxury men’s tailored clothing icon since 1948, with roots in the famed fashion houses of Europe and a direct line to the English tailoring traditions of London’s West End.

Anthony Squires offer a range of different Suit and Sport Coat styles to suit various body types and preferences. For men who seek the perfect fit, you can also meet with one of our Bespoke Tailors for a garment made for you.

Knowing what to look for makes all the difference when it comes to finding the right Suit jacket or Sport Coat. Here we outline the details that mark Anthony Squires as a true classic in Australian tailoring, and help you find the right style for your requirements.


The internal structure of a jacket makes all the difference to how the garment wears. The smooth, rounded form of a well-fitting jacket does not come naturally and must be achieved through skilled construction of internal layers to conform to the shape of your body.

Anthony Squires continue to use the same 3-layer structure (canvas, horsehair and domette) but have adopted the lightest weights possible for each layer without sacrificing on the drape of the garment or the ability of the suit to wear exceptionally well over time.


As one of Australia’s only vertically integrated tailored clothing companies, Anthony Squires owns every aspect of production, from the purchase of fabric from the world’s leading premium mills through to the delivery of the finished garment.

This level of ownership means Anthony Squires have more control over the finished garment and can make more alterations to properly fit you alone.

Anthony Squires operates under stringent AS 3901 (ISO 9001) Quality Assurance certification.


All our fabrics are chosen by hand to embody luxury and perfectly match the garment to which they are applied. Long-standing relationships with the most prestigious mills in the world ensure these fabrics are of the very highest standards.

Anthony Squires is the longest standing Woolmark licensee in Australia with over 50 years of close collaboration. Although the fabric may be milled in Italy, we are committed to using the finest Australian Merino Wool in every suit.

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