Anthony Squires origins

Leaving the West End of London behind, English born business partners Sydney Sinclair and Louis Klein brought the Anthony Squires brand to Australia in 1948. Setting up in Sydney and sensing opportunity, the partners began inviting tailors and key workers from the famed fashion houses of Europe to come and set up a new life in Australia.

There was a good deal to help the Anthony Squires fledgling. Fine English tailoring was valued in post-war Australia, imports were difficult and the new cloths and patterns which the partners introduced using the facilities of the Australian mills, revived an interest in what was possible in local manufacture.

The new country started to shape the patterns and fabrics being developed, and the time-honoured characteristics of English tailoring began to evolve. Australia was being interpreted through tailoring, building on the ties and shared traditions with Britain.

The business grew quickly. Within 10 years, Anthony Squires built a manufacturing facility on the old munitions site at St. Mary’s in Sydney that spread over four acres and employed more than 600 people.

Anthony Squires today

Anthony Squires is made by the only vertically integrated suiting company in Australia. Pure Australian Merino wool fabric is sourced directly from long-standing suppliers in Italy and other premium mills around the world, and then manufactured into garments in our own facility - a level of commitment we believe shows in the quality of the finished garment.

Operating under stringent AS 3901 (ISO 9001) Quality Assurance certification, Master Tailors are still employed at every stage of Anthony Squires production to ensure the highest standards. Head Tailor, Dominic, has been with the company for 61 years and still spends every day with his hands on a Squires suit.

Although clean lines, lighter weight fabrics and softer construction have been adopted to contemporise the look and feel of the garment, an Anthony Squires suit is a true classic. A suit chosen by men who trust they will always look the part at the highest levels of public and professional life.