Tempest Wool & The Dillon Trench Coat

Anthony Squires has been at the forefront of working with Australian wool since setting up shop in Sydney in 1948, and we are now the longest running men’s fashion licensee with The Woolmark Company.

This long-standing relationship has lead to opportunities in new product development. In partnership with Woolmark, Anthony Squires became the first brand in Australia to launch a garment made from Tempest fabric – a 100% Australian Merino wool garment with intrinsic wind resistance and water repellent properties.

The fact these properties arise purely from the way in which the wool is handled and do not require any special finishes or coatings, mean they don’t affect the feel of the fabric and will last the lifetime of the garment.

The result is an Australian first - the Dillon trench coat . A quality technical garment that also meets the high style and comfort demands of the Anthony Squires brand. This trench coat doubles as a lightweight coat featuring a detachable warmer, also made from 100% Australian Merino wool.

Manufacturing Tempest

Technological innovation has allowed Woolmark and Anthony Squires to extend the versatility of Australian Merino Wool.

During the manufacturing of the outer-layer of the trench coat, the 19 micron wool fibres are pre-stretched and then temporarily set. The fabric then super contracts during the finishing stage, which results in a higher weave density.

This makes Tempest fabric naturally both wind resistant and water repellent, without the use of chemicals or special finishes, while keeping wool’s natural luxurious touch and superb breathability. It is the first of its kind to be commercially available in Australia.



“We have always had a firm belief that Australia produces the best wool in the world and we have been proud to use it in all of our top-of-the-line garments”, Marina Cherny, Product Development Manager, from Anthony Squires said.

“When The Woolmark Company showed me the product they were working on, I saw it as a revolutionary concept and knew it would be perfect for a line of luxury trench coats. The fact this technical performance can be achieved while still producing a supremely comfortable and beautiful garment is exactly what we need for our exclusive brand.”

View the Dillon trench coat.



100% extra fine wool, woven for intrinsic wind resistance and water repellent properties.


Developed in partnership with The Woolmark Company to extend the versatility of Australian wool.



Tempest maintains the luxurious touch, aesthetics and superb breathability of wool.


Technical performance that lasts the lifetime of the garment.