Dressing well is about knowing the rules, developing a preference and paying attention to the details. This guide to our shirt styles will help distinguish between features so you can choose the most suitable shirt for each outfit and occasion. Every Anthony Squires business and casual shirt is made from the finest 100% cotton. Unless the fabric features a print, each shirt also has an easy iron finish.


Single cuff
For every day office wear, the contemporary style is for a single cuff shirt. This trend is largely due to comfort and practicality when working at a desk, although some men prefer the simplicity this cuff lends to an outfit.

Double cuff (French cuff)
Wearing a double cuff shirt requires cufflinks and is generally preferred for special occasions where that extra mile is appreciated. Having said this, some men prefer a double cuff on their regular daily shirt purely for the style.


Classic collar
The classic collar is a more traditional shape with narrow pointed peaks, and is especially favoured when wearing a suit and tie.

Cutaway collar
The cutaway collar has spread collar points. This shape is considered more flattering for a slim face, but also lends a more contemporary feel to your outfit. Although designed for use with a tie, it can also be worn without one.

Button-down collar
Button-down collars typically only feature on more casual style shirts and are designed to be worn with a Sport Coat or Blazer. Button down collars are not usually worn with a tie.

Wing collar
The Wing collar is reserved for dinner shirts, and should be worn with a bow tie and Dinner Suit or Tuxedo. This collar is suitable for black tie, weddings and other formal events.


Conventional Placket
A conventional placket features a strip of fabric folded over and stitched on the outside of the shirt to make it appear aesthetically symmetrical. This style is the standard English and American look, and most popular for regular wear in Australia. Most Anthony Squires shirt styles feature this design.

French Front
The French Front folds the placket fabric inside the shirt. Some men prefer this style and feel it gives a clean, contemporary look to the shirt. Our Glen and Colin shirt styles feature this design